International Composers Competition for Young Composers

11月 10th, 2017


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The result of the 39th IRINO PRIZE
for Chamber-Orchestral Work, 2018

We would like to announce the result of the 39th Irino Prize in 2018. The Selection Committee has been held on October 1st, 2018 at the NPO JML Yoshiro Irino  Music Institute, Tokyo.

Prize Winner

Composer : Marisol Jiménez
(1978, born in Mexico, residing in Germany)

Profile of JIMÉNEZ, Marisol

Marisol Jiménez is a composer and multidisciplinary artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, currently residing in Berlin. Described as “fashioning a deep, primeval musical discourse”. Her work expresses an intense fascination with the tactile process of creating sound, an interplay of the entropic within the structured musical machinery, colliding the primeval with the technological to seek forceful sensuous and visceral energies. Her output includes numerous chamber and electronic works, as well as sound and intermedia installations. Most of her acoustic, electronic and mixed media works involve self made sound sculptures, found objects, and collected sound materials from her own field recordings, improvisations and performances. She completed a Doctorate degree in composition at Stanford University in 2011, and a Master of Arts degree from Mills College, Oakland, CA (2005). Jimenéz is a member of the National System of Art Creators in Mexico from the national Found for the Arts and Culture (FONCA). Her work  has been performed and commission by leading ensembles and interpreters of new music throughout Europe, The United Stated and Mexico.

Total of Entries: 34 compositions from 15  countries
Jury of this year: Joji YUASA, Yoriaki MATSUDAIRA, Satoshi TANAKA, Takayuki RAI , Mari TAKANO, Masahiro MIWA, Haruyuki  SUZUKI (Chairperson), and Rica NARIMOTO
Award: 500,000 Japanese yen and a certification

Concert: The 46nd Tokyo Sinfonietta Regular Concert
Conductor/Art Director: Yasuaki Itakura
Date/Time: December, 2019
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Small Hall), Ueno, Tokyo

The 39th Irino Prize winner, Marisol Jiménez’s work will be premiered in Japan. The Irino Prize and the winner will be introduced prior to the concert.


10月 8th, 2016


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The IRINO PRIZE was founded in 1980 in honor of the late Yoshiro Irino, one of the most respected Japanese composers of his generation. The prize is administrated by The IRINO Prize Foundation which was established after his death, on June 23, 1980, by Mrs. Reiko Takahashi IRINO with the collaboration of renowned composers late Maki ISHII, Joji YUASA and Yori- Aki MATSUDAIRA.

The IRINO PRIZE is awarded to young composers who explore new directions and demonstrate innovative creativity. The IRINO PRIZE category alternates yearly, and is given for chamber-orchestral works (between 12 and 17 instruments) in even years, and chamber works (with or without electro-acoustic component, not more than eight players) in odd years. Please see below for further details.

500,000 JPY for Chamber-Orchestral work.
200,000 JPY for Chamber music work.

Permanent Juries: 
Joji YUASA, Yori-Aki MATSUDAIRA, Satoshi TANAKA, Takayuki RAI, Mari TAKANO, Masahiro MIWA, Haruyuki SUZUKI, Rica NARIMOTO

Coming Competition: 
The 40th International IRINO PRIZE for Chamber-Orchestral Music, 2019
Chairperson: Haruyuki Suzuki
Deadline: June 232019 (Postmarked)
Details and Application Form: The 40th Irino Prize for Chamber Music, 2019

See also: The 40th Irino Prize for Chamber Music, 2019 (deadline: June, 2019) 

Note: The regulation of the IRINO PRIZE for Chamber-Orchestral Work has been revised in summer 2012. Now, the chamber-orchestral work that has been already premiered, can be submitted to the Irino Prize for Chamber-Orchestral Work.

Organiser and Contact (send all materials to):
THE IRINO PRIZE FOUNDATION (Mrs. Reiko Takahashi IRINO, President)
c/o NPO JML Yoshiro Irino Music Institute
5-22-2 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 156-0043 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3323-0646
Fax: +81-3-3325-5468
E-mail: Contact Form